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About Us

Freedom2Play is a New Zealand owned and operated company, run by professionals who have a passion for customer service and a desire to make sports sustainable for all. We offer MRF, Mercian, Focus, Ayrtek, HoneyBadger and KG cricket and Hockey range. Our range also includes sublimated clothing and off-the shelf sportswear with value added services like printing of logos, names, numbers etc to suit your requirements. We are exclusive NZ distributors for all these brands and are committed to assist in “grassroots development” and work with individuals, clubs and schools to make the gear affordable across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

As individuals, parents, partners or friends, each person has a desire to give the best they can to their loved ones. What stops us most of the time are costs which make us compromise or sacrifice. At Freedom2Play, our objective is to “make quality products affordable” for all and assist you fulfill your dreams.

We have eliminated various links of the supply chain that add costs while keeping our overheads to a minimum. Everything we do and plan to do is to give you an option so you get freedom to choose and express yourself. Freedom2Play community is growing strongly as we add new players to our list. We would like to see all of us grow together for mutual benefits as players enjoy quality gear at affordable prices!

But this is not all. It’s just a start to a concept where we will keep adding more products and services to our range to ensure we keep giving you “quality products” at “affordable price”.

So, don’t hold back…